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passenger elevator

Energy Saving

Adpoting the permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine for dragging,the whole elavator’s effiency improved above 25%(the cost decrease about 50%).It can save much voltage fee during operation for its high effiency.

Saving construction cost

The demensions of machine room is small. The integrated control system and compact room layout made the occupied room reduced to about 60% of the traditional room.With the same size of hosit,room height reduced accordingly which not only save the construction cost but also beautify the outfit of building.
Enviorment Protection

Adopting the gearless traction machine, the machine room will need less lubricating oil which decrease the oil pollution so as to protect the enviorment.Eliminating the noise and vibration of tradional transmissing, it reduces the noise pollution, demonstrating the human-oriented and greenenvironmental protection social awareness.