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elevator door detector
  • Drawing and specification:

Technical Features:

Profile size

2000mm (height) * 12mm (thickness) * 31mm (width)
Response time relay output 57ms
transistor output 33ms
Power supply(relay output) AC220V,50/60Hz
Number of infra diodes 64 Diodes
Max beams 154 beams
Detecting height 20-1840 mm
Infra red diodes range 58.8 mm
Redundancy One transmitter shielded after 120s detected absent
Power consumption ≤4 w or 100mA/DC24 V
Operating temperature -20℃- +65 ℃
Tolerance vertical> 10mm/10° Horizontal>5mm/7°

Light immunity





EFT Passed level 4 tests D (±4kv )
Surge D(±2.5kv line to ground ,±1kv line to line )
ESD A(Air discharge±15kv Direct discharge ±6kv)
Radio-frequency D(10V rms,150kHz-80MHz,80%,1kHz Amp.Mod.,1%,3s )
Radiated-immunity D(30 V/m,80MHz-1.96GHz,80%)
Vibration Vibration 20 to 500Hz 4hrs per X-Y-Z axis,sinusoidal vibration 30 mins per X-Y-Z axis
Detecting range 0-3m
Protection level IP54(TX,RX),IP31(Power box)
Voice reminder Buzzer in RX,after continuous detection for 15s,buzzer ON.
Certificate CE