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Elevator cabin design

To meet the requirements of GB, to be aesthetic considerations
8.1 Elevator car height
8.1.1 internal clear height of elevator cabin is not less than 2m.
8.1.2 use normal access to the car entrance clear height of not less than 2m.
8.2 car effective area, rated load, number of passengers
8.2.1 passenger elevators and bed elevators
Order to prevent the overloading of the personnel, the effective area of the car should be limited. This relationship between the rated load capacity and maximum effective area is shown in Table 1.
For concave and convex portions of the car, regardless of the height is less than 1m, regardless of whether there is a separate door protection, must be counted in the calculation of the car the maximum effective area.
When the door is closed, the car entrance should also be included in any effective area.
In order to allow the change of car design, the effective area of the corresponding car listed in Table 1 of the rated load allows increase is not greater than the tabulated value of 5% of the area.
Overloading of the car should meet 14.2.5 requirements for the device to monitor...


The car sling

The car sling is the supporting metal structure of the lift car. The user does not see it and it provides the actual shaft skeleton.Comparing the actual rails with train tracks,they are fitted vertically along the shaft. The car sling is similar to a wagon which is directly brought up and down by a hydraulic piston or indirectly by metal suspension ropes. In both cases the inclination of the guide rails on the horizontal plane is greater than 15 degrees (art. 2.1.a of lifts Directive 95/16/EC). The traditional car sling are essentially of 2 types: chair type(or rucksack) or saddle type.

The chair type car sling can be used for both hydraulic and traction systems.It is composed by 2 vertical uprights, upper and lower beams solidly connected to the support floor of the car which in this layout is cantilevered.Guide rails are fitted to a single wall and the upright slide along them by means of shoes or guide rollers covered with low specificfriction material. The upward and downward movements are provided by:
 A hydraulic piston located in the pit acting directly on the higher beam(side direct car sling-1:1 ratio).The car speed is equal to the ram speed. Travel is limited (on average, not exceeding 5 metres);
 A hydraulic piston located in the pit acting on a pulley with multiple ropes connected from on one side to the car sling and on the other to a rope attachment in the pit (side tackle car sling-2:1 roping).The car speed is double the piston speed.Travel is large(on maximum 20 metres);...