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  • Unidirectional Room Overspeed Governor

    OX-240 applies to both passenger and freight elevators.If the elevator descends at excessive speed,the descending brake will be used to support the general descending safety gear, enable the safety gear, and stop the car, playing the role...

  • Elevator Landing Door Device

    Our landing door mechanism has many advantages: more solid,more smooth, more kinds, more beautiful than other general door hanger.It is totally reliable, towed truck with unique security device.

  • Luxury Cabin Decoration For Your Lift

    Make your elevator more modern and nice.Select various of decoration styles from us.We provide high quality material of decoration for elevator cabin,door,ceiling, floor,handrail.

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Company Information

We pride ourselves in marketing elevator parts that are unique in their design and quality to keep pace with the changing lift concept, fashion idea and design trends. We offer the newest designs with a many selection of elevator buttons, COP, LOP, elevator decoration, escalator parts and many other components. Our company has built its reputation on one very important principle: to provide elevator products customers with high......

We pride ourselves in marketing elevator parts that are excellent in their quality and design.We provide nice after serive with a good quality warranty and quick response.Welcome to inquire us!